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Sun 17th of December 2017


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About us

It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing.

 Ours is a purposeful and industrious undertaking to enable those who are preparing for Civil Services exam an access to accurate strategy and master notes which helped producing toppers.

Since its humble start in December 2005, CrackingIAS has grown manifolds not just in size but also in terms of invaluable experience and knowledge in the domain of Civil Services Exam. With its close-knit team of highly competent and dedicated professionals, CrackingIAS has successfully mentored thousands of students and enabled several to pursue the career of their choice.

We, at CrackingIAS, believe that each individual is unique and requires individual guidance. The intense focus on each individual's strengths and weaknesses is at the core of our development modules and has been the single most crucial factor in helping our students to achieve unprecedented success over the years.

 Profile of our Director

The brilliancy of our Panel Adviser Shri.S.M.Raja is evidenced by his stellar performance in various fields as outlined below:-

* Faced IAS Interview twice in 2008 and 2009. (All India 2nd Rank holder in Political Science paper 2 with a score of 190 (the first score was 192) in 2007 Mains Exam as per our known records.

* A Senior Scientific Officer (Group- A, Gazetted officer) in Min.of.Defence, Govt. of. India. He got selected for this posting through UPSC Selection process.

* Pursued M.A. in Political Science from Pondicherry University.

* Scored 100% marks in Mathematics in both 10th and 12th standard Exams.

* University Rank Holder in B.Tech from Anna University, Guindy Campus.

* An essayist cum good orator. Authored many essays in various magazines like Civil Services Chronicle,Competition Wizard, Competition Success Review, Competition Refresher, Chanakya Civil Services Today.

*High Passionate for teaching.

This academy was founded with a team of experts in Civil Services Exam, to help serious IAS Aspirants. Now we are very much glad that we have members from almost every State/UT of India. We thank our members for the trust they had kept on us.

Working smartly to ensure your success,

Prelims Question of the Day

With regard to various types of unemployment, consider the following statements :

  1. If in an economy there is surplus workforce in one sector and there is short supply of workforce in the other sector then it is known as disguised unemployment.
  2. Disguised unemployment is found in agriculture sector in India.
  3. Frictional unemployment is caused by periodical increase and decrease in the growth of economy. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?.

(a)1 and 3 only

(b)1,2 and 3

(c)2 only

(d)2 and 3 only

Mains Question of the Day

1.GS - Ethics differ in public and private relationships. Comment.(200 Words)

2.Political Science -Examine Pakistan as a factor in Indo-American relations during the Cold War.(250 Words).

3.SOCIOLOGY -Describe the distinctive features of tribal communities in India. Discuss the factors affecting tribal identity.(250 Words).

Sociology - Thinkers