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Tue 21st of November 2017


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Jan Shikshan Sansthan conferred with 2016 UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy
  1. The Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS) of Malappuram, Kerala was on 1 September 2016 conferred with the 2016 Unesco Confucius Prize for Literacy. The award was conferred on the JSS in recognition of its literacy-linked skill development activities among the underprivileged in rural areas.
  2. The JSS bagged the prestigious international award for its initiatives in applying new technology in literacy. Innovations such as Braille applications and the Talking Pen used by the JSS impressed UNESCO.
  3. The award sponsored by China consists of 20000 US dollars, a diploma, and a silver medal. Moreover, a JSS team will be given a free study tour to China.

Jan Shikshan Sansthan's Skill-Development Programme

  1. The JSS has reached out to the weaker sections, including widows and Adivasis, with its literacy and skill-development programmes. 
  2. More than 53000 people from different sections have been covered since the project began in 2006.
  3. With JSS support, more than 40000 people improved their income through such means as stitching, mobile repairing, embroidery, choke-making and bag making.
  4. The talking pen introduced by the JSS to educate tribal women had won wide appreciation.

Prelims Question of the Day

With reference to 'Natural Rate of Unemployment', consider the following statements.

1. It is the level of unemployment in an economy that is just consistent with a stable rate of Inflation.

2. It is the unemployment that prevails when all markets in the economy are in equilibrium.


(a)1 and 2

(b)2 only

(c)1 only

(d)None of the above

Mains Question of the Day

1.GS-No party in power can afford to ignore Directive Principles of State Policy. Comment.(200 Words)

2.Political Science - Explain the role of non state actors, like IMF, World Bank, European Union and MNCs, in modulating and transforming the broad dynamics of international relations. (250 Words).

3.SOCIOLOGY - What is the impact of Globalization on the structure and mobilization of the working class in India? (250 Words).

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