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Thu 23rd of November 2017


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China reaches out to West Asia
  • China is in the middle of a complex diplomatic dance with West Asia, by engaging rivals such as Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iran, all at the same time.


  • On 21 March 2017, visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced an "innovative comprehensive partnership" between both countries.

  • China's focus in the "partnership" is on maximising absorption of Israel's technology in hi-tech and other advanced domains.

  • That dovetails well with the ‘Made in China-2025' strategy of transitioning China's manufacturing to the advanced level by leveraging the Internet, Big Data and robotics among the key tools.

  • In that endeavour, China is pursuing the industry 4.0 model pioneered by Germany.

  • Mr. Netanyahu narrowed down on clean energy, agriculture, investment, finance and medical services among the top priority areas.

  • Israel hopes to participate in the Belt and Road Initiative - fast becoming a litmus test defining the health of any nation's ties with China.

Saudi Arabia

  • Unperturbed by the complex web of rivalries and friendships, the Chinese are also aiming high in building ties with the region's controversial heavyweight, Saudi Arabia.

  • Last week Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud was in Beijing. With energy, and infrastructure investments by China as the centre, the two countries ended up signing agreements and letters of intent worth around $65 billion involving investment, energy, space and other areas.

  • Xinhua quoted Mr. Xi as saying that China will support the Kingdom's "Saudi Vision 2030" plan - a blueprint for reducing Riyadh's dependence on oil, and reliance on other drivers of the economy such as infrastructure development - where China is a world leader - apart from health, education and tourism.


  • Closer ties with Riyadh have not diluted China's strong relationship with Iran, Saudi Arabia's archrival, highlighting Beijing's non-zero sum approach to the region.


  • China and Russia have been active partners preventing "regime change" in Syria, which is also strongly backed by Iran.


Prelims Question of the Day

With reference to 'Natural Rate of Unemployment', consider the following statements.

1. It is the level of unemployment in an economy that is just consistent with a stable rate of Inflation.

2. It is the unemployment that prevails when all markets in the economy are in equilibrium.


(a)1 and 2

(b)2 only

(c)1 only

(d)None of the above

Mains Question of the Day

1.GS-No party in power can afford to ignore Directive Principles of State Policy. Comment.(200 Words)

2.Political Science - Explain the role of non state actors, like IMF, World Bank, European Union and MNCs, in modulating and transforming the broad dynamics of international relations. (250 Words).

3.SOCIOLOGY - What is the impact of Globalization on the structure and mobilization of the working class in India? (250 Words).

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