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Thu 23rd of November 2017


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Endosulfan - End?


  • Endosulfan is a toxic pesticides having hazardous effects on human genetic and endocrine systems.

  • The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants in 2011 added it in list of banned substances and phasing it out as an agrichemical.

  • It is banned in over 80 nations due to its ‘high toxicity.

  • It is sprayed as pesticide on crops like cotton, fruits, tea, paddy, cashew, tobacco etc. for control of pests in agriculture such as whiteflies, aphids, beetles, worms etc.

 Hazardous effects

  • In case of humans it causes delayed reproductive development, autism, bioaccumulation, endocrine disruption (stunting of hormones), long-range contamination, neurotoxicity, long-range contamination and sensory Loss.

  • It blocks the inhibitory receptors of the Central Nervous System, disrupts the ionic channels and destroys the integrity of the nerve cells.

  • The spraying of endsosulfan also destroys biodiversity of the area.> 

Supreme Court Order

Many parts of the world have fallen prey to this pesticide, that has affected a lot of humans, animals and the environment. The Supreme Court of India had passed an interim order on May 13, 2011, as a major number of victims were reported to be affected in Kasargod (Kerala) (here it was aerially sprayed on Cashew plantations), and banned the production, distribution and use of endosulfan.

India’s Stand

India has agreed to comply with phase out  of Endosulfan by 2017 and all existing stock of the pesticide in the country that is past its expiry date in accordance with Stockholm Convention

Stockholm Convention

  • The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants(POPs) was adopted at a Conference of Plenipotentiaries on 22 May 2001 in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • It is a global treaty to protect human health and the environment from chemicals that remain intact in the environment for long periods, become widely distributed geographically, accumulate in the fatty tissue of humans and wildlife, and have harmful impacts on human health or on the environment.

  • Given their long range transport, no one government acting alone can protect its citizens or its environment from POPs.

In response to this global problem, the Stockholm Convention, which was adopted in 2001 and entered into force in 2004, requires its parties to take measures to eliminate or reduce the release of POPs into the environment.


Prelims Question of the Day

With reference to 'Natural Rate of Unemployment', consider the following statements.

1. It is the level of unemployment in an economy that is just consistent with a stable rate of Inflation.

2. It is the unemployment that prevails when all markets in the economy are in equilibrium.


(a)1 and 2

(b)2 only

(c)1 only

(d)None of the above

Mains Question of the Day

1.GS-No party in power can afford to ignore Directive Principles of State Policy. Comment.(200 Words)

2.Political Science - Explain the role of non state actors, like IMF, World Bank, European Union and MNCs, in modulating and transforming the broad dynamics of international relations. (250 Words).

3.SOCIOLOGY - What is the impact of Globalization on the structure and mobilization of the working class in India? (250 Words).

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