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Sun 17th of December 2017


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Andhra Pradesh assembly passes Kapu reservation bill

Andhra Pradesh Assembly unanimously passed the Kapu reservation bill which provides 5 percent reservations in education and employment for the community in the state. With this, the reservation exceeds 50 percent ceiling.

Andhra Pradesh CM N Chandrababu Naidu, said, "As 5 per cent of reservation to Kapus makes total reservation exceed 50 per cent, central government nod is compulsory. We will send this bill to the centre. We ask them to include this reservation in Schedule 9 so that it will become legitimate."

Also, the government passed a resolution to include Boyas, Valmikis and related sub-sects of Andhra Pradesh in Scheduled Tribes and put forth the matter before Centre to provide them reservation accordingly.

In early 2016, the Kapus of the modern Andhra Pradesh state launched an agitation demanding the OBC status, leading to violent protests. The Indian National Congress party and the YSR Congress party have supported their demand.

Kapu refers to a social grouping of agriculturists found primarily in the southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana (the Telugu-speaking states). Kapus are primarily an agrarian community, forming a heterogeneous peasant caste.


Prelims Question of the Day

With regard to various types of unemployment, consider the following statements :

  1. If in an economy there is surplus workforce in one sector and there is short supply of workforce in the other sector then it is known as disguised unemployment.
  2. Disguised unemployment is found in agriculture sector in India.
  3. Frictional unemployment is caused by periodical increase and decrease in the growth of economy. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?.

(a)1 and 3 only

(b)1,2 and 3

(c)2 only

(d)2 and 3 only

Mains Question of the Day

1.GS - Ethics differ in public and private relationships. Comment.(200 Words)

2.Political Science -Examine Pakistan as a factor in Indo-American relations during the Cold War.(250 Words).

3.SOCIOLOGY -Describe the distinctive features of tribal communities in India. Discuss the factors affecting tribal identity.(250 Words).

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